Sunday, 29 May 2011

Causes of Hair loss in teenagers and students in India

The greatest shock in regards to hair loss is when one first discovers that they have started to lose hair, when in the bathroom you start seeing clumps of hair in the tub, when a boy looks in the mirror and sees that his hair has begun to thin and his scalp is seen, when the forehead is receding, as a girl notices the parting widening....these are the most traumatic of moments and is also one of the causes for even further hair loss.

This is stress related and allot of Indian students suffer from the pressures of the life defining exams stress. The demands and tension of the education system can create stress to youngsters of our day.

There are many causes for hair loss in India and there are natural remedies to regrow a full head of hair.

Is your hair just as thick, shiny and strong as it was when you were still a young man or woman? Maybe your scalp is now starting to reflect sunlight. Hair is one of the major self esteem contributors for Indian men and women. That is why there are many words and expressions that are used to convey this issue.

Many words and phrases describe this problem from, hair Care, Hair loss, baldness, thinning hair, hair fall, hair problems, and causes for hair loss.

Causes for Hair Loss, can range from lifestyle, fitness & diet. With the current trends continue we will see a growth in the number of Indian Men and women who will experience some kind of hair loss.

Thinning hair and hair loss can have a number of different physical causes. One of them is not eating the proper diet. Lack of fruits and vegetables which have many benefits to increase the strength and the frequency of hair regrowth cycle.

The subject of hair loss is an interesting one because there are so many facts that many of us do not know about. We know that many men become bald after middle age, and some even in their teens. Many hair loss sufferers are experiencing the problem due to the genes from their parents.

Learn about the causes for hair loss, and the best treatment options. The most common hair loss cause is heredity. Other causes are surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, which can also be reversed with the appropriate treatments.

Nanogen hair care and hair regrowth and hair camouflage products have helped increase the self esteem in hundreds of thousands of people and are now in India, the products are made with the consumer in mind and we are sensitive to the needs of our customers.

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